A big part of our mission at the Sustainable Life School is to create a community where together we can tackle sustainable living, climate action and all the things in between. These events have been created for you to meet others on their sustainable lifestyle journey and figure out how we can take action together. 

Upcoming Events

SDGs Fest  29th September

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Past events

The Sustainable Social Club presents a Cuppa for Climate and Clothes Swap. 

February 25th  The Sustainable Social Club goes local with Native Jeans 
Friday 23rd 4pm A new Culture of Sustainability, part of Culture Night 2022.
Wed 7th September 7PM:8:30PM at Small Changes Inchicore "Loved Clothes Last" with Rachel from ReJingled. 
Kindly supported by Fingal County Council this climate friendly session covered top holiday tips in sustainable fashion, food, energy & packaging.  14th December 7pm 8:30pm " A climate Friendly Christmas" 
15th and 17th Dec: Have a Jolly Conscious Christmas Kindly supported by Dublin City Council 
Wed 17th November: Consumer Power with Sharon Kiltey from Jiminy Toys
Wed 22nd September: "All about Sustainable Self Care" with McKinley from eco-shop Pax and Claire Hunt from Homeless Period Ireland
Wed 21st July: "Taking Action with our communities" with special guests from Cycling Ireland Axa Community Bike Ride, Clean Coast and Edible Landscape Project.
Wed 16th June: "My Sustainable Journey" with special guests Peader Rice of eco-shop Small Changes and Gary Tyrrell of Climate Ambassador programme.

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