Empower your community to live sustainably and ignite change

Our feel-good 4 week programme tailored for communities combines knowledge and practical skills that will leave your group feeling inspired, motivated and empowered to make the changes that will positively impact them and our planet.

What do participants learn?

During the 4 interactive classes we will cover some of the areas in their life where they can reduce their carbon footprint and adopt new sustainable habits: Reduce Plastic, Create a more energy efficient home, slow down Fast Fashion and try more planet friendly food choices.

Features of the programme
  • Sessions can be from 1 to 2 hours long and can feature a practical element to help participants  break the ice or rekindle a sustainable life skill such as mending your clothes, growing your own food etc.
  • Participants receive weekly changes and our follow up resources
  • Impact report for your group

The Sustainable Living programme for communities

Week 1

Reduce the plastic from your life! Easy eco tips

Explore living a plastic free-ish lifestyle. Reducing plastic is not a one glove fits all,we will show you how it can be adapted to what’s accessible, feasible and budget friendly for you. In this session you will leave with tips, skills and ideas on how to start or get more ambitious about shopping and living package free.

illustration of a water bottle

Week 2

Cosy Homes

In this session we will look at the easy everyday actions you can take at home to help you save money whilst creating a more sustainable home. We will also demonstrate how to use Codema’s Home Energy Saving kit available to borrow from the local library.

illustration of a lightening bulb

Week 3

Your Sustainable Wardrobe

After learning about the negative social & environmental issues associated with the fashion industry you will learn how to use your power as a consumer to drive change.We will share tips on how to source sustainable clothes and what to do with the ones you no longer want. We’ll look at fabrics and how to care for our clothes. A seamstress will also join us to teach us some basic clothes repairs to make our clothes last longer.

illustration of a clothes hanger

Week 4

A Climate Friendly Kitchen

Learn about the connection between climate change and food, what is climate friendly eating and plenty of tips on how to reduce food waste. New plant-based recipes will be shared

illustration of an apple


So far the programme has been delivered in 10 communities reaching over 150 people who have collectively made over 450 changes for climate.The biggest but invisible impact is the increased sense of wellbeing that our participants feel when they are part of our community.

We offer special prices for community groups, voluntary organisations and NGOs or you can join our waiting list for a fully funded programme.

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