Host the Clothes Swap Pop-Up

Over 100,000 tonnes of textiles are discarded as waste every year in Ireland and the fashion industry is amongst some of the top polluting sectors globally.

If you are a business or organisation who wants to use the office space creatively, promote circularity, and encourage sustainable habits, this campaign is for you.
The Clothes Swap Pop-Up introduces a circular economy activity at work helping your colleagues source clothes sustainably through swapping in a familiar setting.

How does it work?

Host the Swap Rail from 1 to 4 weeks. The initiative uses a “bring one, take one” concept based on honest exchange amongst colleagues and it is self-managed. The Sustainable Life School will support you with:

● Setting up the rail
● Providing you with a promo toolkit to share the initiative internally
● 1 Sustainable Fashion talk to launch the initiative
● Impact Survey

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Through this initiative your company will support SDG 12 Responsible Consumption.

Join our pilot

Thanks to funding received, we are able to offer this initiative to a limited number of companies at no cost to you. Don’t miss this opportunity.

Reach out today to find out more and book your Swap Rail.

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