Our mission

In order to mitigate the climate emergency the big players ( governments and business) need to up their game to avoid any irreversible damage to our planet, people and future generations. But, we are optimists and also strongly believe in people power! 

Our mission is to help, motivate and inspire those who want to live more sustainably and empower those who care about the climate crisis to take action through lifestyle changes and also join others to create collective climate action.

We also believe that living sustainably isn’t a chore and it can give you immediate benefits and we can’t wait to tell you about it.

Through online classes, resources and a growing community, the Sustainable Life School community is here to create happier lives for a happier planet.

About Us

Diane’s story

Diane grew up in a home where trips to the local recycling facility and a compost heap down the back of the garden were the norm thanks to her dad whom she got her initial schooling in caring for the environment from. Diane forgot most of it during her 20’s while she was distracted with studies and socialising. Though her passion for our planet was awoken in her 30’s especially with the arrival of her daughter in 2016 when she realised signing petitions and sharing posts was not enough. It was at this time she met Nathalie, they hit it off immediately and her eyes were opened to sustainable fashion, an area Diane had failed to think about. Diane is a qualified drama facilitator and artist. She was a 2019 Climate Ambassador Program, an initiative of An Taisce, has also completed Zero Waste Educator Training with LYSC and is a volunteer with the Edible Landscape Project. In her own work Diane  combines her passion for the environment and the Arts to educate and create.

Nathalie's story

Nathalie, originally from Italy, has a background in Marketing and has been working in sustainability communications for Business in the Community Ireland for the past 8 years. Her eyes and mind opened wide when she watched the True Cost of Fashion documentary in 2015 and she has been on a mission to become a more conscious consumer ever since. When Nathalie met Diane she realised that actually being a conscious citizen involved more than shopping for ethical brands or charity shopping so she embarked on a full fact immersion to find out as much as possible about changing other areas of her life and become more sustainable. It was during this journey of research and discovery that she was overwhelmed by the amount of information here, there and everywhere without a joined up approach. After hearing from others who shared the same challenge, the seed for the Sustainable Life School was planted. Nathalie is a 2021 Climate Ambassador with An Taisce.

Join the Sustainable Social Club

Only requirement to join the club is an interest in living sustainably and a desire to take action
The Sustainable Life School